Free Download Android Cheat apk Video Call Hologram Simulator

Download Android Cheat apk Video Call Hologram Simulator.Free Download Android Cheat apk Video Call Hologram Simulator.Now you can download this cheat apk from this site.


Video Call Hologram is a simulator of 3D projection, high quality hologram of face of person calling you. Phone camera defines on the screen the picture of incoming caller, saves it, turns on the flashlight and it looks like the picture is being projected on any surface!
HD projection, projecting high quality images and 3D holograms – do you believe that all these technologies will be available in your gadgets in near future? Do you want to see a hologram of the person you’re calling to? Imagine what it’s going to be like! The simulator imitates video projection with using phone flashlight.
Attention! Your cellphone is NOT a real video projector or a 3D hologram maker. Video call hologram simulator only simulates how real projection works! The app only shows the picture on the screen of your device. Make fun of your friends, show them simulation pretending that you can make a video call with holographic 3D picture.

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